Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Water color I did a while back as an abstract piece. I really liked this one and I hope to do a series in the future.

Water color
Hot press Water color paper
Roughly 6 x 4in

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Owl Study

Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus

Study of an owl from 2nd year. The whole thing came out pretty well for my first serious water color assignment. I have some sketches of the birds that I will include once they are scanned. My class was really lucky during this project because a local wildlife reserve brought live birds into our class! One of them was blind too so it would slowly turn it's head all the way around and stare until it reached the end of its rotation and stopped to blink; one eye at a time.

Water Color
Hot press illustration board 
20 hours
9 x 17in

Garden Spider

Agriope aurantia
Here is a large scale work I did for class 2nd year of a Yellow Garden Spider or Argiope aurantia. This one is just from a photo but these big guys used to camp outside my house when I was little and build webs that were sometimes 2 feet in diameter. What I loved about these was the contrast between the black and yellow patterns on their backs. The head on this came out rather flat but I hope to go back in the future and touch it up.

Stretched canvas with Gesso
16 hours
Roughly 2.5 x 4ft


This is the first work I have decided to post from my second year of college. The piece is done in washes of black acrylic with washes of color over it. Just a forest scene with small creatures crawling in mushrooms. My favorite part of the piece is the fog effect with the in the background.

12 hours
Hot press water color paper
Roughly 12 x 20in